Jean Monnet Chair: European Union budget for results

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Royal Holloway, University of London, 2022-2025
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1 September 2016 to 31 August 2019
About the project: 
This project focuses on the EUBudget4Results initiative aimed at changes to the EU budget to invest in economic growth. It will deliver the following: Expand teaching of the EU in the study of theory, public policy, and the budget, with the introduction of new units for BA and Masters students, while providing additional teaching experience to PhD students who are specialising in the EU and will assist with teaching beyond the 90 hours taught by the chair holder. The new units of teaching will strengthen what Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London (Royal Holloway) offer as a major centre in EU studies; Allow the chair holder to produce further publications on the EU budget: a book on the budget’s future and an edited special issue of a journal on the reforms to the budget and revenue (own resources) that may take place in 2016-17; Offer training for high school teachers of economics, history or politics on the EU in one-day workshops; Offer training for public administrators, journalists and interest groups on the EU budget; Deliver two special Jean Monnet lectures for students and the public, one on the EUBudget4Results, and the other on EU-UK relations; Maximise access to the above teaching, research publications, training workshops and Jean Monnet lectures via social media and podcasts.
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